Green Note Open Mic
30 April 2024, 7:30 pm
Green Note

Adam reminded me that I should be writing these blog posts about gigs, so here I am. Interestingly powerful GN open mic. Lots of energy around, which luckily for me seemed to settle just as I went on. I began with All Fall Down. There was a lot of room noise, and I wondered what it would be like to just play into it rather than talk or anything, and I’m fortunate, I suppose, that Rob shushed the crowd, but then the room felt very attentive. Earlier on, my thumbnail managed to shatter (it’s been doing that a lot lately – other bits of thumbnail are still held together with superglue), and I filed it smooth, but it drew my focus to the twiddly bits of the song, that kind of need the thumbnail to work. It might be a good thing that it distracted me from the other bits that needed doing, but luckily it was so fast that as long as I breezed through any bummers were immediately forgotten. The rock and roll bit over, I did All the Things That I Don’t Know. I did it last night too, and I enjoyed the differences in the way it went, at least from my point of view. I enjoy the theatricality of it, or at least the opportunities to wave my arms around, and the quiet-loud-quiet nature of it. After I played, the intensity increased further. A slightly wilder night than usual, and while it might have felt wobbly at first, it righted itself after a while. I was playing the tele with Creamery pickups in tonight – when I got them I thought they’d be rock pickups, as they’re quite high-output, but as it turns out they’re wonderfully chimed without being too bright, and they have a lot of clarity and separation between the strings. The body is chambered, so the guitar is very light for a tele (which maybe lightens the tone in itself), so it’s perfectly suited to this sort of thing.


All Fall Down
All the Things That I Don't Know