It’s a nicely ambiguous word, “about”. It’s supposed to suggest that this page will give useful information concerning the subject of the website (i.e. me), but it can also mean “approximately”, and I suspect that that is more appropriate.

I don’t know if there’s anything exciting to say. I realise that a person in my position – I make songs and then go out and subject people to them – is supposed to pretend that there’s a honed team of promotional professionals behind it, but to be honest I’m so old now that adopting that pose would be undignified. And, apart from anything else, I don’t think I could convince even a very gullible person that I knew anything at all, promotions-wise.

I’ve been doing this for a long time – I’m sure in the back of my memory there’s a list of long-dead open-mics and venues, but I’m not keen on going back there, all dust and spiders and a musty smell, it would just make me morose. I remember Bunjies, the 12-Bar Club, the Virtually Acoustic Club (in all its homes, as it was almost nomadic), innumerable little rooms over pubs that have somehow merged into one. Some of them were very good, some very bad and many of them very in-between. Against all reason and sensible council I’m still doing it.

I look approximately like this (Or at least I did a couple of weeks ago when I made the photo).