Green Note Open Mic
21 January 2024, 3:00 pm
The Green Note
106 Parkway

A new year, and back at the Green Note. As I don’t drink during January, it’s interesting to be sober all the way through. Packed today, too, as was the tube up from Elephant (and they all seemed to get off at Camden Town, too) – it’s as if today was the first day people decided they could go out, so they all did. Fun jam with Rob before the influx.

I realised I’d not played either song here for a while, so I did. The nice thing about playing stuff I’ve done so often is that they have no (or very few) nasty surprises, but the downside is that it’s less likely that one will find anything new.

(It’s amazing the places you can go trying to accelerate out of a potential car crash).

I did shoot a video, but the way the iPhone was positioned chopped off my head. So there was my headless body playing the guitar and the only other thing of interest was the Spanish couple in the corner looking, frankly, unimpressed by my performance. So.


Down Below
The Things I Threw Away