Green Note Open Mic
31 October 2023, 9:00 pm
The Green Note
106 Parkway

I did The Rest Of Our Lives again! After I did it last time. I mean, I have at least several songs to choose from, why do the same one twice in a row? It’s possible that I’d actually intended to play a different song with the same picking pattern, but it’s hard to tell with my brain. It was lovely and cosy, though, an excellent night with all sorts of groovy acts. The cosiness means that the video’s quite blurry (cosiness and blurriness often go together, I don’t know whether you’ve noticed). It’s always fun to do All The Things That I Don’t Know but looking at the video I wonder whether I wouldn’t benefit from instruction by someone in musical theatre. A bit of an off the wall thought that, but I’m not sure I have any thoughts on the wall. My wall is denuded of thoughts.


The Rest Of Our Lives
All the Things That I Don't Know