17 September 2023, 3:30 pm
Green Note
106 Parkway

This was the bi-monthly Green Note Open Mic (there’s one on a the third Sunday afternoon another on the last Tuesday evening), where I was assisting Tom Poslett. Not sure exactly how I was assisting, though I did wrap some cables at the end. Tom did the actual work.

It was a fun afternoon, but I felt a kind of cusp-of-the-season unease, and there were occasional outbreaks of strange energy, which manifested as dropped glasses, overturned chairs and a period of inexplicable feedback. When it came to my turn I found myself talking interminable nonsense, which is my won’t, and I’m going to blame that on the strange energy too, because it’s an excuse. I was also aware of one person who seemed deeply unappreciative, and needed to remind myself that I also appear deeply unappreciative, no matter how appreciative I actually am, it’s just a genetic trait.


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