John Peacock is a singer-songwriter who has been hanging around the London circuit for a number of years.

There may be people who are worse at self-promotion, but they don’t even have a web site. John does, but this is it, so you can tell that he’s not the best at self-promotion. Just look at it.

Until recently he didn’t even have a web site, he just had a URL and if you visited it it said “I used to have a web site, but it died”. But apparently he now needs something a bit more … more … than that, so here we are.

There will be more than this, honest, but he had to do it in a hurry. Currently it’s either a work-in-progress or a flail-in-decline, and it’s a bit of a toss-up as to which.

Yes, he always writes about himself in the third person as though that’s a perfectly normal thing to do. Why do you ask?