My Bumper Book of Lies



The Rest of Our Lives
Learning to Crash
A Coffee Cup
Down Below
All Fall Down
My Bumper Book of Lies
Horse Bagatelle
100 Horses

Although the process of recording the actual tracks had taken years, I did (and re-did and re-re-did) the vocals during lockdown.

(I wonder how long it will take until people no longer instantly know what we mean by “during lockdown”.)

It was actually the perfect time to do lots of vocal takes, which is what’s holding up the next one. If I want to get it finished I’m going to have to arrange a trans-national, highly infectious disease somehow.

The cover is by the prolific and fabulous illustrator Viv Schwarz. I just asked for a dog whispering into the ear of a shocked cat, and that’s exactly what I got.

I released it on my birthday because why the hell not.