Apples and Walnuts


Alex and Amanda asked me to play at their wedding, during the service, while they were away signing things (I explained that I didn’t really understand weddings – most of my cohort tended to do it in registry offices, drag a couple of witnesses in off the street then go to Pizza Hut or Nandos with the kids afterwards, so I hadn’t had much experience of the whole Wedding thing). I realised that I didn’t really have anything – most of my songs, being miserablist things about the essential impermanence of everything, were more suited to a Buddhist funeral than an English wedding. However, within an hour, a song appeared and this is it. Whether or not it was appropriate, I can’t say, but it was at least new. I’ve taken to telling people it’s a metaphor. The wonderful things about metaphors is that it pushes the burden of comprehension off onto the listener and allows the speaker to get away with it scott free.

This is a live-in-the-studio version I recorded the week after the actual performance.