About me

John Peacock is a veteran singer-songwriter* based in South London. He cut his teeth at the legendary basement folk club Bunjies and over the last twenty years has performed at venues such as the 12-Bar Club, the Spice of Life, the Edinburgh Festival, the Bedford, The (old) Vortex and innumerable fine establishments across the capital and beyond, many of which survived the experience, albeit in a reduced state.

John’s music is deceptively mellow-sounding for such a bitter old man, in a style that has come about by failing to emulate people such as Nick Drake, Jobim, Jim Hall, Baden Powell, Brel and Sondheim. Many people who are hailed as original failed at copying someone else. John is working on a new album, as he has been for the last seven years. Don’t hold your breath, that’s all I’m saying.


*“Veteran” means “old”.