Spring Fever with laka d’s Bloomsburys

March 3rd 2016, 20:00

Peckham Liberal Club

24 Elm Grove, SE15 5DE London

I had a great time, even though my fingers were misbehaving in strange ways. Sandwiched between two choir sets – a wonderfully attentive and supportive audience.

Apples and Walnuts
Learning to Crash
My Bumper Book of Lies
The Second River Bagatelle
River Rise
100 Horses


Yes, I’ve changed it around, and no it’s not finished.

I realise that “Under Construction” signs haven’t been acceptable on websites since the late 90s, and were widely reviled then, but I haven’t finished it yet. Lots of wrestling with the backend to go.

The information is more or less available though, and where useful hopefully more more than less.