OK, so…

I confess I’m not the most fastidious website updater in the world, and sorry about that.

The whole thing needs a spring clean, strange tracks need pruning, that sort of thing. The site as it stands is a work in regress.

However: For the last few years if I’ve had ideas for songs, I’ve played them into the webcam on my laptop computer, which means they don’t get lost. Of course it’s easy to forget they’re there. So I’ve been going through the 135 videos I’ve saved over the last three or four years. From that I managed to identify seventy things whicher were already songs, probably. About half of those were songs that I was genuinely curious to find out what they were about. I just need to write the words now.

Yes, this is where it goes crashing into a wall, of course. Still, there’s potentially a bunch of new material.

So one thing I need to do is record the current setlist as I play it, but with fewer mistakes. Then when there’s a quorum of material I can do what I believe the kids are calling “A New Album”. Whatever that means these days.

And as the new songs get finished, of course, I need to go out and play them at people to see if they’re any good.

So there’s the potential there for a bunch of activity. If you’ve stumbled across this page curious to keep tabs on the activity as it… activates, I suppose … you could join the mailing list, which I do post to, albeit infrequently. There’s also the Facebook page (ditto).

I promise to keep you informed of things as they might well happen.