Virtually Acoustic Club

January 19th 2015, 22:00

The Library

235 Upper Street
London N1 1RU

Thought I might try adding open mics I’ve done as I did them. Back at the marvellous VAC (I’m a bit remiss in attending, I must admit). Very packed night, very high quality of performer. Interesting to see how Care goes – I’m a bit out of practise on it, so it’s just below the threshold of being able to play without thinking about it, and I’m not absolutely sure I’ll get all the bits right (particularly the instrumental section), and do miss several important bits. On the other hand the vocal is a lot looser, which I quite enjoy, and letting it breathe a bit more (at the risk of dropping into it just being a mess) makes it come more alive, unsurprisingly. Strange though, how things which are unsurprising aren’t obvious until they happen.

Shame is similarly a bit messy, but benefits less from it (partly because it’s a more uptempo song which needs the regimentation). On the whole, it feels good, though, just a bit out of focus (for me). I want to keep both songs in the pool of currently available songs, though and prescribe a bit of metronome practise on the guitar parts just to get them back into the automatic zone.



January 15th 2015, 20:00

The Harrison Bar

28 Harrison Street

Lovely show, with The Children, O’Bui & Thorne and gig organiser Kath Tait also on at various times. Another occasion where I had to add songs to my setlist to get up to time – I wonder if it’s my unconscious trying to tell me something. In a cellar, which seems to be my natural habitat. Perhaps I’m a mole.

All Fall Down
Learning to Crash
The Rest of Our Lives
Sem Nome
River Rise
My Bumper Book of Lies