Horse Bagatelle

I usually play this short instrumental as an introduction to the song 100 Horses. Ideally it would come immediately before a recording of that song, but it’s not done yet, and the logistics have worked out so that… well, here it is.

Tomorrow We Will Fly

This song is apparently impressive live, because the chords look quite difficult to play. That’s rather a shallow thing to recommend it, I admit, and no use in a recording.

Another one from the sessions I did with Juan and Oscar last summer.


It should be a song this week, but I realised that the one I was going to upload wasn’t ready yet.

I waited around for the longest time to see if this would turn into a song. Eventually I realised that it was probably supposed to be a sort of indie rock instrumental.


This is a track that I’ve uploaded a couple of times before – though this is the latest version, a new mix with an organ track in there somewhere. Hopefully I won’t feel it necessary to do it again. Anyway, the title is a nod to a certain dub melodica player, whose records used to scare me in the night when they were played on the John Peel programme. For some reason I found pretty much everything scary when Peel played it.