I wrote this in 1990, and recorded it several times, each time bewildered that I couldn’t make a four-track tape recorder sound like a 24-track studio. I realise the Beatles did remarkable things with a four-track, but equally I realise that I’m not George Martin.

I’m not sure which version this is: not the first version, I think, although I remember that as being quite good (though beset with hiss, on account of my forgetting to turn on the noise reduction, although that might have been a different song), probably the second, so 1991 or 1992.

This is a song about n-dimensional geometry, believe it or not. Or at least that’s what I thought at the time. I suppose I liked to comfort myself with the thought that it might be about something.

As I said, it was recorded on a four-track in about 1992, so there is a certain limitation to the audio quality.


This was written during a Guitar Craft course in 2003 during a European heatwave so intense that when I came back to the UK everyone else had better tans than me because in Barcelona it was simply to hot to go outside most of the time. I played it a few times in various GC dining rooms, usually at breakfast. The last time was at Sassoferrato in 2010, and I don’t think I’ll do it again in that sort of place.

I recorded this after one of the Passport radio shows I was recording sessions on during 2009 – after the show, before I took down all the equipment I quickly recorded this, with a handful of the remaining guests as an audience. The sounds in the background are workmen doing something… workmanlike, I suppose. They only started when I began to record, so I was stuck with them.


Although the date here is the fifteenth of April, and I have called this the track a week project, I wasn’t able to activate this last week, so here it is slightly delayed.

A Smear of Sun

Another string quartet. This one is very, very short. Possibly linking music from a 19th Century Russian play about people standing around in drawing rooms in sadly bewildered ways. So short that you could probably play it twice in the time it takes to read this paragraph.

The Rest of Our Lives

Another song from the sessions I recorded with Oscar and Juan last July. Ever-so-slightly-miserablist. I should have thought of a joke, considering it’s April Fool’s Day, but didn’t.