Post-War Glamour Girl

Metafilter (MeFi) is a sort of mass-blog site – people post links to interesting things they’ve found on the internet, and then argue endlessly about them. There’s a sub-site called Metafilter Music (MeFiMu), to which members can upload tracks, and they do monthly challenges. On one occasion the challenge was to set a John Cooper Clarke poem to music.

Curiously, when I started writing songs, I used to use JCC poems for lyrics as I really couldn’t write them for myself, so this particular challenge attracted me. I didn’t use any of the music I’d written all those years ago (as it wasn’t very good, if I could remember it at all, which I mostly couldn’t), but the challenge coincided with me playing around with a particular set of chords, so a song was engendered.

This is completely remixed from the version I uploaded to MeFi. As I’ve decided that I can’t just give away other people’s words, if you do download it and pay for it, I’ll send the money to JCC. Not entirely sure how – send him a postal order or something, I suppose – but as it will be available for streaming anyway, my apparent moral stand is rather undermined by the harsh realities of web distribution. Or something.

Please note, there are several swear words in it, mostly towards the beginning. Also a lot of terms of art that sex workers use, that went completely over my head when I was fifteen.