Business cards

Business Cards

By the way, I made some business cards. Such is the power of MooCards’ advertising. They’re designed to fit in with the various backgrounds I’ll be giving the website throughout the year (have I spoiled the surprise there…?). Obviously, the idea of giving out business cards is to promote what you’re doing on a one-to-one basis, but when I’ve tried this in the past, people have looked at me as though I’ve just handed them a haddock or a copy of the TV Times from 1973.

This is by way of saying if you’re in the market for a haddock or a 1973 TV Times (metaphorically speaking – if you want either of those things actually, I’d direct you to Borough Market or VinMag respectively) get in touch.
No, wait, I’ve wandered off into strangeness again… Look: I made business cards. I don’t really have a business, as such, but if you like them (and I think they’re very pretty, actually), contact me and I’ll send you one, or some. Until they run out.

There are also a few left that I made to go with Another Time. They look like this (that is to say, they look like the cover of the album, but smaller and less square):