River Bagatelle

Bagatelles are what I call short guitar instrumentals that I occasionally come up with, and that slip into the middle of setlists

I usually play this one before doing River Rise (so that I get a hint as to the first note of that song, which I begin a capella live).


I think I originally wanted to do something that sounded like a demo. I mean, most things I do are the only version and if I make a mess of it I sometimes do it again, but the previous version wasn’t a demo, more of a cock-up. In this case I was quite interested in making something that sounds like it was done on a four-track.

The solo is the first half of take one and the second half of take two.

The Blue of Snow

This is a fake string quartet (or quintet, if you include the harp, which I really ought to. You can tell I’ve not been properly taught, can’t you) was improvised into Logic as a test of the Play Symphonic Orchestra Gold instruments. Or at least the first violin was, everything else was added afterwards, and then I reclocked the tempo (as painful as it sounds) and dragged everything into something approaching synchronisation.

I did it on a Sunday, I remember that much. I was a Sunday some time ago, though.

The title comes from a line in an unpublished Viv Schwarz novel, which I was reading about the same time, and which the music sort of goes with.

A track a week for 2013

As it worked quite well for me in 2009 (after all I got an album out of it), I’ve decided to upload a track a week, hopefully for the entire year. There are theoretically enough tracks, if I include odd instrumentals, especially if I allow myself to remix and upload things that made it last time (but which haven’t appeared anywhere else).


This was intended to be one of the tracks on the album, and perhaps it still is. The basic tracks (me and Oscar Hidalgo on drums) were recorded by Juan Piola at his bijou studio in North London. Then I brought the tracks home to bugger about with. I may yet bugger about with them some more, so pay attention.