The Library

November 28th 2012, 20:20

The Library

235 Upper Street
London N1 1RU

David Sherwood called up – he was doing sound at this… not quite an open mic… an ajar-mic? and had had several drop-outs. I said I’d go, then regretted it because a strange combination of playing bass for a Wurzels cover band while wearing ill-fitting boots had left my legs quite buggered up and me in considerable pain, but I dropped a cocktail of codeine, paracetamol and indomethacine before leaving for the gig (which I had to get to by bus, as all the stairs in the tube would have been impossible), and by the time I went on was high as a kite.

So it was sort of my Grateful Dead set, and not rock and roll at all.

Very useful to see what I could remember under impromptu circumstances (as I’m jetlagged and haven’t played for a while, and need to do the Jeays extravaganza tomorrow night).

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