The VAC at the Spice of Life

Lovely gig – the weather throughout the weekend had been fabulous, so there was a worry that everyone would be at spontaneous barbecues and not in the basement, but as it turned out that was unfounded and there was a comfortable roomful of people there, including Caroline (who I’ve not seen for over fifteen years) and Kim (who read about the gig on Metafilter and is on holiday in London), and other people I don’t know.

Setlist feels rejigged since the last time I did this – things I’ve either retooled (I realised last week that Aerodynamics actually should be a breezier jazz waltz), or are relatively unplayed (Tomorrow We Will Fly) or new new (Not Always So). Great feeling in the room and a lot of fun, lots of new things to practise.

Evening continued in further greatness with Veronica Turner and Rob Thom (with Lyle and Steve – gelling into a rocking band, unsynchronised threads notwithstanding).