Stage Door

Open mic at the Stage Door – I’d not originally intended to go, instead thinking I might watch it on the Interwebs, but change my mind on a whim. Consequently not sure what I’m going to do. Usual folk, some of whom I’ve only seen on the web so interesting to see them in real life.

I play Crazy Baby, Lazy Charlie first – I do like that song a lot, but worry whether it’s not overlong for solo performance. Perhaps if there was a band, I’m not sure. Seems to go OK, but the audience’s attention feels fragile. Then do River Rise, with the whole first verse a cappella, which feels good and gratifying when the guitar comes back in and I’ve not drifted too far off-key. I attempt the guitar solo and baulk, having to try (not entirely convincingly) to noodle my way out of it. Back to the practising, then.

Tonight is short on acts, so we go round again. This time I do Iodine – some powerful moments, I thought, though again the guitar was a bit ropey. Strange and dispiriting how quickly one slips out of practice.