The Ship

I went to the open mic at the Ship in Kennington. After all, it’s local and I like the idea of an open mic I can walk home from (yes, obviously, I can walk home from all of them eventually). Nice evening, everybody was very good and I got a free slice of pizza, which is something that’s never happened before, at least not at an open-mic, and not without just grabbing the pizza and running.

There were a lot of cameras. Not all going at the same time, but that was quite an instructive thing. In fact there’s now a video of me on YouTube, singing Care, which is where most of the bummers I made are. I’ve linked it, anyway. Instructive, in a horrific way. Shoulders look terrible – all hunched. Perhaps not the most flattering look, but I’m not sure what that would be short of total darkness.

If you do watch the video, there’s a bit of banter at the beginning – a bit NSFW, by the way, I didn’t know at the time it was going to be put on YouTube – and what I’m talking about is an area of ceiling plaster that had fallen off, which I was standing under. Everywhere else there was still plaster on the ceiling, so it could, theoretically, fall off.

As usual, it was a very informative way of discovering new mistakes and things that escape my attention – a couple of “where on earth am I?” moments, and I have a clearer idea of the sorts of songs I need to have, though whether I can write them to order is another issue entirely.

Still, free pizza.