The Virtually Acoustic Club

Another very nice evening at the VAC. If it seems that I only play at the VAC these days, that’s because … well … I only play at the VAC these days. Essentially, if I ever come out of hiding (such as to go to the pub to celebrate David’s birthday, as happened last week), I get booked. Which is really nice, actually.

Tonight I’m on first, supporting Teppei Tanino and Jude Edwin-Scott, which means that after my bit I can have a beer and enjoy the rest of the show.

The proper classical still being down (I’ve addressed this problem since, and it wasn’t the loose wire everyone thought, but something stranger), I took the Godin and the VG88. On the one hand this was a bit excessive for the room, on the other hand it did sound very nice and gave me access to things like reverb and effects – mild for Iodine, strong for Learning to Crash, over the top for Bagatelle 3.

Also, the concert was streamed, so theoretically people around the world could watch (or at least hear) the proceedings. Some of them – from as far afield as Wales, Scotland and Camberwell – did so. How very Modern.

One problem I had was sweating on the ends of my fingers – just enough that they stuck to the strings. This often happens, but I’d left my talcum powder in my other bag, and didn’t remember until I’d started playing and found the stickiness occurring. What then happens is that I need to play with the tips of my fingers rather than the nails, which can make the faster passages trickier and a bit drunken, and of course distract from the other places that need attention (like singing, lyrics and left hand). It’s curious that the things that go wrong, and the chords or lyrics that I forget, are never the things that go wrong in rehearsal. Always, on stage, I’m faced with a completely new set of difficulties. I suppose that’s why I do it. That and the adoration, of course.

Special mention should go to Janeen, who struggled up from Sussex and reached the venue when I’d just finished.