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The Virtually Acoustic Club Showcase

March 19th 2009, 20:00

The Perseverance

11 Shroton Street
London, NW1 6UG

This was fun (heck, should I be saying something more informative than that…?) – six artists, playing four songs each to a select audience. Hum. The other artists included Dave Russell, Rich Barnard and Ivor Game, which was nice. I felt vaguely that Ivor should have got more songs, as his are so short, but only vaguely. I played My Bumper Book of Lies and Logodaedalus in the first half (the first live outing ever for the latter tune) and Gravity and Iodine in the second half.

Confessed that my whole musical escapade might be an excuse to play Iodine occasionally.

Juan P came, and got to see Dave R at last, which was nice, especially as he did Hades W10.

My Bumper Book of Lies