I redecorated a bit. Yes.

If you’ve visited before, you might have noticed that there was a note that said “I’ll update this site soon”. That is, if you noticed anything, as it was a terrible mess of words. I think the links were a very slightly different colour from the rest of the text and, when rolled over, changed to a colour only marginally different again. It would have been a miracle for anyone to find anything, assuming that anyone did find anything, and I’m not sure that they did.

I stopped short of putting a picture of a pick and shovel and a sign that said “Under construction”*, but only just. And I imagine you didn’t believe it, and for a long time you were probably right, but now – Ha! – it’s changed. It’s probably not any easier to find anything than it was before, but at least it’s different.

And it’s less blue, at least.

I also promised to upload songs more often and didn’t, but I’ve worked out that I have several months-worth of uploads at a rate of one a week as long as you turn a blind eye (or deaf ear) to the variability in quality. Actually, it’s not that variable. Upwards, anyway.

I aim to upload the first song tomorrow, and another every Friday until I run out, which shouldn’t be until after the summer, if my calculations are correct.

Yes, I know, that’s a big if.

*It’s well-known that putting a sign that said “under construction” on a page was the late nineties’ way of saying “I’ve given up on this site now, don’t bother to come back”.