Phil Jeays Xmas Extraganza and Raffle

The usual fun and games – I did a bunch of songs first, using the Godin nylon string (which I’d paid over the odds to get repaired for the occasion) and VG88 combo, and then the mighty Jeays machine rocked the crowd into submission. I did The Sea with the River Rise drone – wait, that was second. I think I did My Bumper Book of Lies first, then The Sea, then The Secret Agent’s Dream, The Things You Get and Iodine.

Rather than the usual crowd (who were off watching Ed Seyfried get into a fight, I think, and who would be wondering what I was doing there again), it’s a newer crowd, more used to the Stapletons band (who would be, no doubt, wondering what I was doing there at all).

But, as I say, fun