Virtually Acoustic @ Tinder Box

Previously I’ve done Tinderbox gigs with the classical, but since I have to go straight off to the Purple Turtle for a Joan gig afterwards am experimenting with the Godin/VG88 tonight. Sadly, it wasn’t an entirely successful experiment – the patches I’ve written sound very tinny through the small hi fi speakers (to my ears, anyway, but then lots of stuff sounds tinny to me these days), and it was quite difficult to co-ordinate with something over the other side of the room. That said, I don’t think I play badly, but I do notice that the Cafe empties more than usually quickly when I start playing. So I don’t think I’ll try that again in a hurry.

I distract myself by concentrating on the voice – trying to position it in my mouth and not letting it fall down into my throat. I also become aware that I have a tendency to want to sing with my head over on one side, which causes a certain amount of tension in my neck. Unsurprisingly.

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