On The Mound

Can’t do anything coherent on this one. Things to say:

  1. Quieter than the last one, but then not during a major arts festival so
    that’s to be expected.
  2. Several performances from the likes of Peter Michael Rowan (who manages
    to produce a violin from some Secret Violin Place. I wonder if all cafe’s
    have them. Is it stated in the bylaws that all places for the consumption
    of coffee and sundries must have a violin somewhere on the premises?

  3. And Pam of course.
  4. Also performances from Eko, Frank and Stuart.
  5. The pot plants are in the basement (where we were performing last time.
    This was not necessary this time on account of the cafe being quieter (since
    there isn’t actually a major international arts festival going on at the moment),
    and the upstairs being much warmer than the downstairs. The coffe machines
    are very loud though.
  6. I coerce Peter into trying to violin solo over the single chord of Waltz
    Without Touching
    . This might have been an imposition because it’s dead
    modal, and a bit of an unfair thing to drop on a chap.
  7. I do a bunch of stuff, beginning with The Things You Get and ending
    with Comforting Lie.
  8. A member of the audience, Meg (I believe), cross-examines me on the significance
    of some of the lines in my songs. I am worryingly unsure about what they mean
    – in terms of the exact significance of The Things You Get this may
    be becuase it’s several years since I thought about what it’s about. I may
    even have changed my mind since then.
  9. We are eventually ejected because the staff have a party to go to.

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